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National Liver Institute-Sustainable Science Institute biobank BiobankId: EG_NLISSI_BB Acronym: NLISSI URL: Juristic Person: National Liver Institute and Sustainable Science Institute Country: EGYPT Description:

Established in 2012, the National Liver Institute-Sustainable Science Institute Collaborative research Center (NLISSICRC) is a joint effort between the Egyptian National Liver Institute and the Sustainable Sciences Institute, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco.

The aims of the NLISSICRC are:

  • to develop a comprehensive Biorepository of biospecimens for innovative translational research;
  • to establish a Center of Excellence that encourages Egyptian scientists to conduct high quality research in Egypt; and
  • to provide, promote and facilitate training for Egyptian researchers.

The NLISSICRC embodies an ISBER-compliant1 Biorepository. All NLISSICRC research and biospecimen collection from patients with liver disease is performed in accordance with an NLI IRB-approved protocol. The scientific and bioethical infrastructure of the NLISSICRC Biorepository was modeled on the El Hefni Liver Biorepository at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Researchers have been trained locally and abroad on molecular biology methods and Biorepository principles.

The biobank currently has:

  • An expanding single-time collection of peripheral blood from >3000 hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma patients.
  • Collected fresh frozen tissue for more than 100 subjects on surgically resected HCC.
  • A collection of blood samples from 200 subjects with HCV who are under new Direct Acting antivirals with multiple follow up times.
Backup: yes Training Courses: yes