Biobank Attribute Lists Biobank Attribute Lists

Attributes and Services for IARC Biobank Automation Services: Aliquots, DNA/RNA/Proteins Extraction, Pipetting, Retrieval, Sample Processing, StorageAvailable Documents: Access Policy, Consent Forms, Data Access Policy, Ethics Documentation, Material Transfer Agreement, Protocols/Procedures, Questionnaires, Sample CatalogueBioinformatics Data Analysis Service: MetabolomicsComplementary Services: Cell BiologyData Management: Commercial LIMS (Lab Information Management System), In-house Developed Management SystemDatabase: MS Access, MS SQL Server, OracleEpigenomics Platform: Bioinformatics for Data AnalysisGenetic Platform: DNA/RNA Extraction, DNA/RNA QuantificationMetabolomics Platform: Detection (Mass Spectometry; NMR), Extraction, Identification and Profiling, Quantitative Analysis, SeparationMonitoring: Access and Use of Biobank, Humidity, TemperatureStorage Facility: Onsite Storage (Dedicated Facility)Type of Repository: Human Specimen