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Ampath Reference Laboratory BiobankId: KE-AMLBB Acronym: URL: Juristic Person: Moi University AMPATH Reference laboratory Country: KENYA Description: AMPATH Reference Laboratories was established in Eldoret town in 2004 and consists of eight dedicated labs offering the following tests: • Flow cytometry core; CD4, CD8, CD45, CD3 • Leukemia Diagnosis: ( B cell, T cell & - Myeloid), Lymphoma Diagnosis including Burkitt’s lymphoma, Customized/ design Flow assays, Cytokine analysis. • Cytogenetics (fluorescence in situ hybridization: cancer & chromosome analysis) • Molecular Diagnostic; HIV Viral load, CT/NG , T vaginalis , HPV genotyping, HBV Viral Load, HCV Viral Load, HIV-1 Qualitative, MTB Dx, MTB Drug Resistance, RSV, Influenza (A&B), Gene Sequencing, Customized PCR assay • Hematology Tests ;CBC and Differentials, PBF, Reticulocyte Counts. • Clinical Biochemistry performing the following tests; Liver Function tests, Kidney Function test, Lipid Profile Endocrine and Minerals. • Serology and Microbiology; Bacterial culture, identification & sensitivity, Gram Stain, Bacterial vaginosis (Nugent Scoring), Yeast identification, Blood parasites: - Plasmodium (falciparum, ovale, vivax, malariae) - Microfilaria, - Trypanosoma, - Leishmania , Fungal culture identification, Cryptococcal Antigen (CrAg), 4th Generation (Ag/Ab) ELISA (EIA) kits: - HIV - HBsAg - Hep C • hCG • Urinalysis & Microscopy • RPR • TPHA (confirmatory test) • Blood grouping • H.pylori • Bio-Repository Services- Specimens Currently Processed & Stored at various temperatures (Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum, Buffy coat, Saliva, Urine, Hair, Biopsies , PBMC isolation (viable and non-viable) Backup: yes Training Courses: no