Sample Collection Lister Sample Collection Lister

Név Sample Collection Id Acronym Leírás Consent Template Reuse of Samples Material Transfer Agreement Accreditation Quality Control
IARC Pro Gamb IARC_Pro_Gamb IPG IARC Prolifica, The Gambia. Selection of a set of 6653 sample data rows. no no no no no
TBCCS MRCUGBB_TBCCS TBCCS Sample collection managed by MRC Unit The Gambia Biobank no no no no no
IBRH3AU sample collection #1 IBRH3AU_SC_001 IBRH3AU_SC_001 Sample collection from an H3Africa funded bio repository serving the East and Central African Region. Samples collected for the genetics studies funded by the NIH and Wellcome Trust. <table> <tr><td>Donor age range:</td><td>3+ years old.</td></tr> <tr><td>Geographical origin:</td><td>Uganda.</td></tr> <tr><td>Size (real):</td><td>200,000 (samples in the collection).</td></tr> <tr><td>Last info update:</td><td>25/07/2017.</td></tr> </table> no yes no no no
NLISSICRC SC THCC0000X THCC0000X Samples are collected from HCC Clinic (blood) or surgery Department (for tissue samples) with informed consent following sample collection quality control. Age of sample donors: 15-50 yo. yes yes yes no yes
IBRH3AU sample collection #2 IBRH3AU_SC_002 IBRH3AU_SC_002 Samples were collected from an HIV infected paediatric cohort from Uganda and Botswana. The cohort is classified along the rate of HIV progression as rapid progressors and long term non-progressors. <table> <tr><td>Donor age range:</td><td>4-22 years old.</td></tr> <tr><td>Geographical origin:</td><td>Uganda and Botswana.</td></tr> <tr><td>Size (real):</td><td>(on-going processing).</td></tr> <tr><td>Last info update:</td><td>02/11/2017.</td></tr> </table> yes yes yes yes yes