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  • Search for words or terms separated by spaces blood snomed Ghana tumour.
  • Search for phrases containing one or more words "buffy coat" "Chronic hepatitis" "Malignant neoplasm". Phrases should be surrounded in quotes.
  • Single character wildcard searches with ?. To search for text or test you can do te?t. Multiple character wildcard searches with *. To search for test or tests or tester you can do test*.
  • A more targeted search is of the form field:value where you have to type in the exact field name followed by : and value. The fields available to search are biobankName, sampleCollectionName, materialType, container, storageTemperature, sampledTime, anatomicalPartOntology, anatomicalPartOntologyVersion, anatomicalPartOntologyCode, anatomicalPartOntologyDescription, anatomicalPartFreeText, sex, ageLow, ageHigh, ageUnit, diseaseOntology, diseaseOntologyVersion, diseaseOntologyCode, diseaseOntologyDescription, diseaseFreeText, countryOfOrigin.
  • Search for materialType:"buffy coat". Multiple fields and values biobankName:iarc countryOfOrigin:France.
  • Search for phrase "1.5 ml tube" in the container field AND term "female" in the sex field container:"1.5 ml tube" AND sex:female.
  • Also possible to group queries by including them inside parentheses. (anatomicalPartFreeText:arm AND diseaseOntologyVersion:ICD10) OR sampledTime:2008.
  • Search for "Hepatic fibrosis" but not "Alcoholic cirrhosis". "Hepatic fibrosis" NOT "Alcoholic cirrhosis". Same semantics with "Hepatic fibrosis" -"Alcoholic cirrhosis". The + symbol requires a term or phrase must be present. To get the matches that must contain C22.0 and may contain plasma, +C22.0 plasma.
  • Also can be used with the field:value. Search for the term international but not organization in the field biobankName. biobankName:international -biobankName:organization. Similary the biobankName must contain "iarc" or materialType must cotain "buffy coat" +biobankName:"iarc" +materialType:"buffy coat"
  • Inclusive Range queries with square brackets [ ]. Find the matches where sampledTime are between 2002-01-03 and 2008-12-31, inclusive. sampledTime:[20020103000000 TO 20081231000000].
  • Exclusive Range queries with curly brackets { }. Find the matches where biobankName are between Deutsche and Karolinska but not including Deutsche and Karolinska. biobankName:{Deutsche TO Karolinska}.